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Contact us to receive email updates about grand opening events and special promotions!

There’s always something happening at our dealership, so even if you don’t see an event posted, just contact us to see what’s going on. Or better yet, stop by and visit – we’d love to see you.


SUN April 7: 8pm signup/9pm start - THE SOFO TAP (4923 N Clark)
FRI April 12: 9pm sign/10pm start - HIDEAWAY (7301 Roosevelt Rd., Forest Park)
WED April 17 :9pm sign/10pm start - TOUCHE (6412 N Clark)
SUN April 21: 7pm sign/8pm start - T’S (5025 N Clark)
WED APRIL 24: 8pm sign/9pm start - MARY’s ATTIC (5400 N Clark)
TH May 2: 7pm sign/8pm start - THE CALL+ (1547 W Bryn Mawr)
TUES May 7: 9pm sign/10pm start - JACKHAMMER (6406 N Clark)
TH May 16: 8pm sign /9pm start - DS TEQUILA (3352 N Halsted)
TH May 23: 8:30 sign/9:30pm start - CREW (4804 N Broadway)
SUN JUNE 2: 8pm sign/9pm start - SPIN (800 W Belmont)
SAT June 15: 2pm door/3pm start - SIDETRACK (3349 N Halsted)
WED June 26: 6pm door/7pm start - MAYNE STAGE (1328 W Morse)